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Conveniently located in the Ozark Mountains, Dark Hills Brewery will accommodate the need for a delicious family of beers brewed with no glutenous grains.

The brew staff at Dark Hills Brewery have worked for more than a decade creating gluten free versions of some of the beer world's most popular offerings.  At this time they have a line of beers including a summer lemon shandy, an oatmeal stout, and a traditional amber along with several others.  As of July 2013, Dark Hills Brewery is the Gold Medal winner in the gluten-free beer division at the United States Open Beer Championship.

We plan to offer as many beer styles as possible from Lite to Dark, but will not allow wheat, rye, or barley through our doors!

We are working hard to make our dream a reality and your support is greatly appreciated!  


The Staff at Dark Hills Brewery

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Is it real Beer?
What ingredients are used?
For more than a decade we have experimented with gluten free grains from around the world.  Our beers start with rice as a base source of fermentable sugar, like traditional beers use barley.  Then for each style we add different raw, germinated and roasted grains for color, body and carbonation profile.  We might add different sources of flavoring sugars such as honey or agave or fruit.  Then we tune the style with different hops varieties.  But every ingredient is gluten free.

How can we be sure it is gluten free?
All ingredients come from gluten free producers who only have that one grain in their fields, equipment, and facilities.  And, the whole brewery engineered from the ground up to be a gluten free facility, not attached to any brewing or food processing involving gluten.
Are any glutenous grains allowed in the brewery?
NO!!  In fact, we have a strict "No Gluten thru these doors!" policy.  No glutenous grains will allowed anywhere in this facility.
Are you Celiacs?
One of the two executive partners is gluten intolerant, the other is not but holds a degree in microbiology and has a background in many of the maladies that accompany Celiac disease.
What is special about DHB beers?
The taste and quality!  These are not simply gluten free malt beverages, they are not 'settle for' beers.  The range and preparation of ingredients goes beyond anything we know in the industry today, and our goal is not to just make an alcoholic beverage for the GF community, but to make beers that can be appreciated by those who truly appreciate the same styles brewed with traditional ingredients and methods.
Where can I find your beers?
Right now, only at our homes, but we are working on it!

Which beers are Kosher? Vegan? Organic?
We will indicate them as soon as they are certified. We should have at least one of each.

Will your beers be certified gluten free?
Yes, just give us some time!

Will you have a pub?  Serve food?
We will have a tasting room / gift shop, but are not planning to serve food at this time.
Will you have booths at events?
DHB has already been asked to attend many events!  We will post a schedule as soon as we are operational.
What is DHB?
Ummm...  Dark Hills Brewery!

Why a Viking theme?
Because we brew for the love of it, and the fun of it, and the Viking theme appeals to our sense of fun and adventure.  Besides, it lends itself to such cool labels and beer names, and the opportunities for aesthetic design of our brewery and tasting room are almost limitless.