Beer has always been an important part of a Viking's life and when many of our kindred started complaining about feeling poorly after drinking the traditional barley and wheat ales and lagers, we knew something had to be done.  Our hearty bunch of seagoing Vikings, in the quest to brew and present the best gluten-free beer known to Vikings anywhere, have set sail across the oceans to the farthest reaches of the world, gathering everything we needed to fulfill this vital quest. We have raided the grain fields of the Orient, brought back the sweet nectar of New World sugar grains, found the secrets of extracting the essence of the grain called corn, and learned how to malt seed previously dismissed for such purpose.  We have met with success beyond all others, brewing such a beer as to be given fame and called the best gluten free beer of this age--winning with a prize of gold. But in our travels we discovered
this ailment afflicted those far beyond the Norse shores, and we found a new calling. We have what we need to brew for family and friends, but to share this brew with the world, we need a few more things...

You see, we Dark Hills Vikings are much more interested in brewing beer than in pillaging and plundering. But to brew this beer, we need many brew kettles, barrels, and a place to serve weary travelers.  And without pillaging and plundering, we must find another way to pay for this.  On our journeys, many who graciously hosted us, complained heartily of
taxes and lenders as well as pillaging and plundering and much was discussed about just having good people help make adventures such as ours possible.

Here's how you can help!!! If you should have a bit of extra treasure lying around your home that you could give to this project, we could fill the hold of our longboat and return home to acquire a few larger kettles.  With a bit more treasure and we could build a new brew house. And if our treasure should become great enough, we could hire ships and crews to bring our brews to the rest of the world...

So become one of the honorary "pillaged and plundered" today.  To thank you for your generosity, for any donation of $20 or more your name will be carved into our website runestone proudly naming you a founding supporter. If you contribute $40 to this effort, your name will also be etched onto a plaque that will remain permanetly affixed to the equipment, and you can bring your friends to tour the brewery to show that you were there when it all started! And, if you really want to help and can afford it, any donation of $100 or more will earn you something special... In addition to the website runestone, we will create an individual handmade metal plaque inscribed with your name, attached someplace interesting within the brewery, and you and your friends can either choose to search for your plaque, or we'll point it out to you. We want to keep things interesting and fun!  Of course, we respect the privacy of our supporters, and you can choose to keep your name anonymous if you prefer... But we hope you will want to tell the world that you helped launch a fine gluten-free brewery!  Please follow the link below to join this glorious quest!!!

--We are national Gold medal winning brewers who would like to take the next step and start a Gluten Free brewery in Northwest Arkansas.  Our first goal is to acquire a pair of fermenters large enough to produce small but commercially viable quantities of beer at a time.  A 1 barrel fermenter to add to our equipment is about $1300 while a 2 barrel fermenter will run approximately $2200.  This is not an extravagant goal, we felt that starting with a small project first will help develop faith in our supporters.

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